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The 911world

Hello I am W. George Conroy and I am an Albertan who is tired of our Provincial and Federal Governments and in to many cases even Municipal. Albertans are finally waking up to see the damage and I am glad to help. My income has been destroyed and I am tired of supporting the rest of Canada that simply refuses to support us, this needs to be changed we NEED RESPECT.
Personally I am a Separatist and have been for decades.

The www.911world.ca company is donating the software to help:


Protect Protestors

Gather data from Protests.

Share data needed to further the causes.


Yellow Vests is a system that have 4 Components:

The Monitoring Response System

The Monitoring Response System will update the protests location into the live map, the system will also sends information to the Member App and Responder App

The Responder App

This App will be controlled and distributed to Organizers and their staff.

The Member App

This is a free App will be available to all that download it. We do NOT track or gather data on anyone that has the App. This app contains several features to assist Members:

    • The Live Map to see Protest locations, parking.
    • See businesses on the map that support the Yellow Vests!
    • Report problems.
    • Request Help!
    • Submit Reports to the MRS, Reports can be shared to members.
    • Mark where they parked their Car!
    • Be livestreamed in the event of an emergency.

The Live Map

The Protests will be posted to the Live Map website. It can be updated minute by minute by the organizers..

This system will allow critical data, events and communications to be shared to support the movement and to protect the peoples of the movement.

I am INVITING the organizers to contact me and to work with me.

Contact Us

I am GLAD to work with all Yellow Vest and Separation organizers to help spread the needed information to your followers. Technology is an amazing Force Multiplier. We will work together as a team, a team with differences but a team that wishes to create change.

To register a protest with us email us here: protest@yellowvestscan.com and we will add it to the system and the Live App Map.