About the Yellow Vest App

My company builds Apps and communications systems. I personally want to help you to achieve change.

Therefore I am DONATING and helping all protesting groups and the Yellow Vests movements by providing to you a Free App to support the cause.

The App I am providing can be used by multiple organization and hundreds of thousands of Users.

We will train your Administrators for free also.

Your organization needs to contribute though or it is off no value. There are 2 parts which WORK TOGETHER:

  1. The App which you can download here:  

    1. This goes on your member’s smartphone and this allows them to receive messages from you and to see where events and locations are.
    2. It also allows them to better protect themselves.

  2. The Monitoring and Response Station MRS.
    1. You can access the MRS on your PC here:
      1. https://yellowvest.app
        1. Then you need a Username and Password that we will create for you.
    2. Within the MRS one of your team can add all of the data that your members need right into their App map. Now you can also send messages to your Team.
    3. We will train you on how to use the MRS.
      1. Training will take 15 minutes.
      2. We will train via Skype.

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