Get The App

The Android version of the Yellow Vest App is now ready. You can download it with your QR Reader:

or click here:

Or go to the Play Store and type in “t911” and there you will see all of our Apps.

Download the app and register here ; use the username and password you created from the registration to login to Yellow Vest App. You can also register through facebook once you downloaded the Yellow Vest App, easy and fast.

The IOS version will take up to 2 weeks longer because they are Apple don’t you know. Please be patient my team created this App and we delivered it in less than 52 hours after I decided to do this. There will be changes and improvements. We need Admin and Organizers to support us so we can support you!

Why did I donate this? Simple I am for change and I have the ability to do this. I want to help Group Organizers to communicate with their followers. Group Organizers email me here: and my Team will post your EVENTS.

What can the App do for you?

  • It’s Free. (so please don’t complain) You can log in with your FB acct or create a User Profile your choice.
  • The App will show you where events are and provide the needed details about Events.
  • We can further highlight business and media that do not support us.
  • We can highlight event details such as must points, parking, gates etc.
  • If something at the event needs to be Reported On use the “Create a Report” button and we will receive the Report and forward it to Police or to Organizers.
  • Use the Mark My Ride feature to mark where you parked and to help you find your ride.
  • Organizers can send out Messages.
  • Organizers can send out Warnings.
  • You can create a Map Note to communicate with other App Holders.
  • IT has a HELP ME button but until we get help I CAN NOT PROMISE THAT YOU WILL BE HELP.
    • If you have a problem use the Report a Concern Button to collect EVIDENCE.
  • The App has instruction in it. Please play with it. It is pretty intuitive.

Please with Help, ENGAGE your Organizers and give us proper feedback and I will invest more time and money to help us to being positive changes to Canada.

To register your Protest please email us at:

And we will add your protest to the Yellow Vest App.

W. George Conroy Owner,
911 World Ltd.